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Doctorates Awarded 1996-1997

Dr C.A. Baldwin. Nuclear magnetic resonance studies of multiphase systems: application to remediation processes.(Dr L.F. Gladden)

Dr J-S. Chern. The pyrolysis and devolatilisation of coal in a fluidised bed. (Dr A.N. Hayhurst)

Dr S J Crook. The cold extrusion of chocolate. (Dr M.R. Mackley)

Dr E.M. Hutchinson. The production of nitric oxide in flames. (Dr A.N. Hayhurst)

Dr C.R.C. Jenson. Multicomponents adsorption equilibrium in microporous solids: thermodynamics and molecular simulation. (Dr N.A. Seaton)

Dr S.M. Loffler. Dyeing of cellulose fibres: a case study in structure-transport relationships in heterogeneous porous media. (Dr L.F. Gladden)

Dr P.Z. Maguire. The expression and use of concepts in a modelling environment. (Dr D.M. Scott and Dr W.R. Paterson)

Dr D.L. Moppett. Investigation of gas flow maldistribution in granular moving beds. (Dr W.R. Paterson and Dr D.M. Scott)

Dr G.D. Moppett. Gas entrainment and mass transfer in a plunging jet bubble column. (Dr C.D. Rielly)

Dr J.W. Murray. Air separation by rapid pressure swing adsorption. (Dr D.M. Scott and Dr N.A. Seaton)

Dr S.P. Rigby. Transport and reaction in porous catalysts. (Dr L.F. Gladden)

Dr J.A. Sousa Gonçalves. Transport and diffusion in Faujasite and LTA zeolites. (Dr L.F. Gladden)

Dr G.G. Stephens. Suspension polymerisation in oscillatory flow. (Dr M.R. Mackley)

Dr J.R. van Peborgh Gooch. Size enlargement in crystallisers: Monte Carlo simulation and mechanism discrimination. (Dr M.J. Hounslow)