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Doctorates awarded 1997-1998

Dr A D U S Amarasinghe Interpretation of paste extrusion data Dr D I Wilson
Dr L P B Coelho Gas percolation through segregated particulate beds Dr W R Paterson/ Dr D M Scott
Dr A P Collier High resolution imaging of crystalline agglomerates Dr M J Hounslow
Dr A T J Domanti Surface fracture in paste extrusion Professor J Bridgwater
Dr C F A Dupont The effect of processing on structure and rheology of fresh acid-curd cheese Dr L F Gladden
Dr C R Gillham Enhanced cleaning of surfaces fouled by whey proteins Dr D I Wilson
Dr S G Harding NMR studies of structure-transport relationships in porous media: liquid diffusion in polymers Dr L F Gladden
Dr J R Jones Granular flow in ploughshare mixers Professor J Bridgwater
Dr A S McLeod Numerical studies of catalytic processes Dr L F Gladden
Dr A J Moriera da Silva Laminar mixing of miscible liquids with a large viscosity difference Dr C D Rielly
Dr D C Nash Modified polystryremic supports for protein separations Dr H A Chase
Dr R M D C Neves Saraiva The characterisation of mixing for oscillatory flow within baffled tubes Dr M R Mackley
Dr R O Owen Continuous counter-current contacting for the direct extraction of proteins Dr H A Chase
Dr R P G Rutgers An experimental and numerical study of extrusion surface instabilities for polyethylene melts Dr M R Mackley
Dr J P Sullivan The development of methanothroph based systems for the biodegradtion of chloro and polyaromatics Dr H A Chase
Dr E H Van der Meer Riser exits and scaling of circulating fluidised beds Dr R B Thorpe
Dr D J Watson The application of oscillatory flow mixing to the manufacture of alkyd resin dispersion Dr M R Mackley