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Doctorates awarded 1998-1999

Dr AE Bayly Bubbly flows around cylinders Dr CD Rielly
Dr GM Davies Molecular simulation of adsorption in microporous solids: performance predication Dr VS Vassiliadis
Dr CB Erlebach Bubble heterogeneities in bread, caused by sheeting Dr CD Rielly
Dr DJ Horrobin Theoretical aspects of paste extrusion Dr RM Nedderman
Dr MJ Johns MRI studies and modelling of two-phase liquid systems in porous media Dr LF Gladden
Dr KC Kee Particle impacts on impeller blades Dr CD Rielly
Dr B Laurent Powder flow patterns in a horizontal mixer using positron emission particle tracking Professor J Bridgwater
Dr YH Lee Dynamic behaviour of liquefaction resistant bridge foundations Dr RB Thorpe
Dr EW Low Reducing biomass production during treatment of wastewaters Dr HA Chase
Dr PJ McMullen Synthetic approaches to novel stilbene-based liquid crystalline polymers for nonlinear optics; and tethered mesogens Dr M Warner
(Melville Laboratory)
Dr HS Mumtaz The effect of process conditions on aggregation during precipitation of calcium oxalate monohydrate (COM) Dr MJ Hounslow
Dr M Nicmanis* Finite element methods for the solution of population balance equations Dr MJ Hounslow
Dr B Paweewan Coking and deactivation of zeolite-based catalysts Dr PJ Barrie
Dr JM Pearson The kinetics and modelling of high-shear granulation Dr MJ Hounslow
Dr AJ Sederman MRI studies of single and multi-phase flow in porous media Dr LF Gladden
Dr SG Taylor Mass spectrometry of ions in flames Dr AN Hayhurst
Dr WK Wee An experimental and numerical study on the rheology and processing behaviour of concentrated cellulose acetate solutions Dr MR Mackley
Dr C Whitehouse Metathesis of functionalised alkenes in three-phase reactors Dr CD Rielly

* Awarded the Danckwerts-Pergamon Prize for the best dissertation in 1998.