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Doctorates awarded 2000-2001

Dr K V Adams Dyeing of Cellulosic fibres: How the structure of cellulose and the dye molecules affect the dyeing process Prof L F Gladden
Dr M A Bardsley Facets in the production of catalyst support by paste extrusion Prof J Bridgwater
Dr L J Bruce Hydrodynamics and absorption within an expanded bed adsorption column Prof H A Chase
Dr A Cheyne Extrusion behaviour of starch based food pastes Dr D I Wilson
Dr R Conejeros Optimisation of biochemical engineering systems Dr V S Vassiliadis
Dr M E Fabiyi Photochemical wet oxidation using oscillatory flow mixing Mr R L Skelton
Dr N Ghaoui NMR of flowing liquid and gaseous streams for process applications Prof L F Gladden
Dr P A Husband The experimental observation, prediction and control of polyethylene die swell Prof M R Mackley
Dr K Lee The comparison of experimental data with numerical simulation for the melt processing of polyethylene using a multi-pass rheometer Prof M R Mackley
Dr C Leguay Hydrodynamic and mass transfer studies of a self-inducing gas-liquid stirred tank reactor Dr C D Rielly
Dr S McKeown The structure and rheology of a commercial surfactant-based system Dr G D Moggridge
Dr R M deRoeck The rheology, microstructure and sedimentation of equine blood Prof M R Mackley
Dr S Sathyamoorthy Kinetics of anatase precipitation Dr G D Moggridge
Dr A C Scott Heterogeneity in high-shear granulation Dr M J Hounslow
Dr R J Spurling Granular flow in an inclined rotating cylinder: steady state and transients Dr D M Scott
Dr P Stevenson Particle transport in pipes by two-phase flows Dr R B Thorpe
Dr J Wood Two phase transport in porous catalyst particles Prof L F Gladden
Dr M Zarrebini Sedimentation from particle laden plumes and jets Dr S S S Cardoso