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Doctorates awarded 2000-2001

Dr K V Adams Dyeing of Cellulosic fibres: How the structure of cellulose and the dye molecules affect the dyeing process Prof L F Gladden
Dr M A Bardsley Facets in the production of catalyst support by paste extrusion Prof J Bridgwater
Dr L J Bruce Hydrodynamics and absorption within an expanded bed adsorption column Prof H A Chase
Dr A Cheyne Extrusion behaviour of starch based food pastes Dr D I Wilson
Dr R Conejeros Optimisation of biochemical engineering systems Dr V S Vassiliadis
Dr M E Fabiyi Photochemical wet oxidation using oscillatory flow mixing Mr R L Skelton
Dr N Ghaoui NMR of flowing liquid and gaseous streams for process applications Prof L F Gladden
Dr P A Husband The experimental observation, prediction and control of polyethylene die swell Prof M R Mackley
Dr K Lee The comparison of experimental data with numerical simulation for the melt processing of polyethylene using a multi-pass rheometer Prof M R Mackley
Dr C Leguay Hydrodynamic and mass transfer studies of a self-inducing gas-liquid stirred tank reactor Dr C D Rielly
Dr S McKeown The structure and rheology of a commercial surfactant-based system Dr G D Moggridge
Dr R M deRoeck The rheology, microstructure and sedimentation of equine blood Prof M R Mackley
Dr S Sathyamoorthy Kinetics of anatase precipitation Dr G D Moggridge
Dr A C Scott Heterogeneity in high-shear granulation Dr M J Hounslow
Dr R J Spurling Granular flow in an inclined rotating cylinder: steady state and transients Dr D M Scott
Dr P Stevenson Particle transport in pipes by two-phase flows Dr R B Thorpe
Dr J Wood Two phase transport in porous catalyst particles Prof L F Gladden
Dr M Zarrebini Sedimentation from particle laden plumes and jets Dr S S S Cardoso

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SPARC success for CEB-India research collaboration

Feb 18, 2019

Scheme for Promotion of Academic and Research Collaboration (SPARC) grant awarded to CEB- Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee resrach collaboration.

Ineos Oxide Summer Intern Scheme launched at CEB

Feb 08, 2019

Ineos Oxide is looking for talented undergrad chemical engineering students to join their summer intern scheme and help them solve real-world problems.

New EPSRC Sensors CDT

Feb 05, 2019

New EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Sensor Technologies and Applications for a Healthy and Sustainable Future at CEB.

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