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Doctorates awarded 2001-2002

Dr Y-K Chen The colour change and microstructure evolution of wet flowing paint when subject to shear Prof M R Mackley
Dr M H Chen The mixing to liquids by a bubble plume Dr S S S Cardoso
Dr W S Choe The intensification of inclusion body bioprocessing Dr A P J Middleberg
Dr G Colgan The Study of transport in simple and complex geometries using MRI Prof L F Gladden
Dr A Djemai NMR Studies of Controlled Release Delivery Systems Prof L F Gladden
Dr J Engmann The Rheology and Microstructure of Chocolate during Cold Extrusion Processing Prof M R Mackley
Dr A T Harris Residence Time Distributions in Circulating Fluidised Beds Dr R B Thorpe
Dr Jiang TPD and Steady-State Kinetic Studies of Catalysts Prof L F Gladden
Dr D B Jones Micro-Mechanical Testing of Interfacially Adsorbed Protein Networks Dr A P J Middelberg
Dr A Madhok Mathematical modelling of transport in glassy polymers Prof L F Gladden
Dr M Rogerson Modelling Bubble Patterns and Nucleation in Sodium Acetate Heat Packs Dr S S S Cardoso
Dr R L Stewart Convection and Mixing of Granular Material Stirred by a Flat Blade. Prof J Bridgwater
Dr D A Telford Temperature Programmed Studies of Alumina-Supported Platinum Catalysts Prof L F Gladden
Dr S J Thompson The Microstructure and Rheology of Emulsions of Water in Lithographic Printing Ink Prof M R Mackley
Dr T R Tuladhar Development of a novel sensor for cleaning studies Dr W R Paterson
Dr Wannaborworn The deformation and break up of viscous droplets in immiscible liquid systems for steady and oscillatory shear Prof M R Mackley