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Doctorates awarded 2002-2003

Dr A M Buswell

Protein renaturation and aggregation during dilution refolding

Dr A P J Middelberg

Dr T W C Chen

The modified barrier method for large scale nonlinear steady state and dynamic optimization

Dr V S Vassiliadis

Dr M M Chow

The effects of natural convection on the mixing of discharges into the ocean

Dr S S S Cardoso

Dr F E Dias

Studies in synthesis structure function relationships in oxide supported platinum catalysts

Professor L F Gladden

Dr A Fitzgerald

Crystallisation and deposition behaviour of palm oil fractions

Dr D I Wilson

Dr J G S Ho

An investigation of protein-protein interactions during renaturation

Dr A P J Middelberg

Dr B O Kalejaiye

The Flow of Miscible and Immiscible Fluids in the Earth's Subsurface

Dr S S S Cardoso

Dr W B Lai

Purification and refolding of recombinant viral protein expressed in escherichia coli

Dr A P J Middelberg

Dr C K Lee

Studies of Adsorption and Reaction of FCC Catalyst Using an Intertial Microbalance

Dr P J Barrie

Dr S-Y Lim

Particle dynamics in rotating cylinders

Dr D M Scott

Dr C Ludlow-Palafox

Microwave induced pyrolysis of plastic wastes

Professor H A Chase

Dr P J Martin

Mechanics of Paste Flow in Radial Screen Extuders

Dr D I Wilson

Dr M C Peck

Roller extrusion of pastes

Dr D I Wilson

Dr P M B Rodrigues

Development and studies of templated porous carbons

Dr G D Moggridge

Dr F M Sani

Aspects of LBGK development: simulations of hydrodynamics and mass transfer

Professor L F Gladden

Dr H J See

Optimisation of water and wastewater treatment processes

Dr D I Wilson

Dr G Senthil

Characterisation of adsorption and diffusion phenomena in oxide-supported metal catalysts

Professor L F Gladden

Dr S Sonwai

The effect of shear on the crystallisation of cocoa butter

Professor M R Mackley

Dr B L Tay

Forces on pipe bends due to intermittent gas-liquid flow

Dr R P Thorpe

Dr M Y M Yasin

Flow and segregation in moving beds of particulate solids

Dr W R Paterson

Dr P Yimsiri

The processing of light emitting polymer solutions

Professor M R Mackley

Dr E H L Yuen

Aspects of nuclear magnetic resonance studies of transport and reaction in packed beds

Dr L F Gladden