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Doctorates awarded 2003-2004


Title of dissertation


Dr O O Akinyegun

A Novel Moving Bed Reactor: Theoretical and experimental studies

Dr W R Paterson

Dr D R Arda

The sharkskin extrusion instability and its minimisation in polyethylene processing

Professor M R Mackley

Dr T E Bustnes

The removal of biomass from wastewater streams using a high voidage filter

Professor M R Mackley

Dr M W Collis

Microscale processing of polystyrene melts

Professor M R Mackley

Dr R B Cooke

The rheology and processing behaviour of polymer and wormlike micelle solutions used in oil recovery

Professor M R Mackley

Dr S J Dooley

Biodegration of machine cutting oil

Professor H A Chase

Dr P S Fennell

The kinetics of the reactions of nitric oxide with particles of iron and of oxygen with coal-chars

Professor A N Hayhurst

Dr S Forrest

Agglomeration and flow transitions

Professor J Bridgwater

Dr W A Germishuizen

Dielectrophoresis as an addressing mechanism in a novel data storage system based on DNA

Dr A P J Middelberg

Dr K G Hollingsworth

Characterisation of emulsion systems using NMR methods

Dr M L Johns

Dr C T Lee

Intensification of Inclusion Body Purification and Refolding

Dr A P J Middelberg

Dr S-L Liaw

Shear-induced structures in a commercial surfactant-based system

Dr G D Moggridge

Dr B D Russell

Signal processing for on-line control of paste extrusion

Dr D I Wilson

Dr A J Tubb

High shear continuous mixing – structure and rheology of a batter

Professor J Bridgwater

Dr B L Yeap

Designing heat exchanger networks to mitigate fouling

Dr D I Wilson