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Doctorates awarded 2004-2005

Name Title of dissertation Supervisor Approved

Dr N Abdullah

Strategies for expanded bed purification of recombinant protein

Professor H A Chase


Dr A B Bhave

Stochastic reactor models for homogeneous charge compression ignition engines

Dr M Kraft


Dr R Boushaba

Strategies for Therapeutic Polyclonal Antibody Fragments Manufacture

Professor N K H Slater


Dr D R Chadeesingh

The combustion of methane in bubbling fluidised beds

Professor A N Hayhurst


Dr Y Q Chen

Granule dissolution and disintegration

Professor M J Hounslow


Dr J Y M Chew

Development of fluid dynamic gauging for cleaning studies

Dr D I Wilson


Dr C L Clayton

Magnetic Resonance as a Probe of Solvent Effects in Heterogeneous Catalysis

Professor L F Gladden


Dr G M Forde

Plasmid DNA purification by affinity methods

Professor N K H Slater


Dr B Hallmark

The development of micro capillary films

Professor M R Mackley


Dr S Jegasothy

Kinetic studies on polymer-supported hypervalent iodine oxidants

Professor N K H Slater


Dr H Lanckriet

Methods for Chromatographic Protein Refolding

Professor N K H Slater


Dr M H M Lim

Magnetic resonance imaging studies of single and multiphase flow in packed beds

Professor L F Gladden


Dr T Mohd Ghazi

Heterogeneous Photocatalysis for Chemical Manufacture

Mr R L Skelton


Dr G Morreale

Processing of recombinant fusion protein and peptide

Dr R Falconer


Dr K Odic

The rheology and microstructure of model ice cream systems

Professor M R Mackley


Dr S A Scott

The gasification and combustion of sewage sludge in a fluidised bed

Dr J S Dennis


Dr S-L Zhai

Model based studies of the lyophilisation of biological materials

Professor N K H Slater


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Mar 11, 2019

Department members rallied around to celebrate International Women's Day with a specially designed cake.

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Mar 06, 2019

Dr Qingyuan Zheng awarded the Andrew Fellowship by the IChemE

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