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Doctorates awarded 2005-2006




Date approved

Dr B O Ayoola

Laser-based measurement of heat release rate and temperature in turbulent premixed flames

Dr C F Kaminski


Dr E C Barnes

Nuclear resonance studies of soft-solid extrusion

Dr M L Johns/Dr D I Wilson


Dr I S Burns

A sensor for combustion thermometry based on blue diode lasers

Dr C Kaminski


Dr K D Coventry

Cross-slot rheology of polymers

Professor M R Mackley


Dr A Domin

Fluorescence resonance energy transfer analysis in living cells

Dr C F Kaminski


Dr M S El-Bachir

MRI Study of Flow in Narrow Packed Beds

Professor L F Gladden


Dr H Gao

Functionalised single-walled carbon nanotubes for biomedical application

Professor N K H Slater


Dr D Holland

Investigations of mass transfer in size exclusion chromatrography by nuclear magnetic resonance

Professor L F Gladden


Dr R J Hooper

Development of techniques for the study of protein systems

Dr W R Paterson


Dr M H Hutchinson

Purification and refolding strategies for intensifying inclusion body processing

Professor H A Chase


Dr S S J Leong

Alpha-fetoprotein refolding and bioprocessing

Professor A P Middelberg


Dr A C Rees

The behaviour of buoyant particles in gas-fluidised beds

Dr J S Dennis


Dr A Rospigliosi

Improving the conduction of DNA by molecular synthesis

Dr G Moggridge


Dr S P Sullivan

Lattice boltzmann development for chemical engineering applications

Dr M L Johns


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Alumnus Professor McKinley elected Royal Society Fellow

Apr 23, 2019

Alumnus Professor Gareth McKinley among the 51 distinguished scientists elected as new Royal Society Fellows for his exceptional contribution to science.

Dr Vassiliadis celebrates the contributions of Roger W.H. Sargent at memorial event

Apr 17, 2019

Dr Vassiliadis contributed a talk on optimal control in chemical engineering at a memorial event for Roger W.H. Sargent, founder of process systems engineering.

A chemical garden that’s also a chemical clock

Apr 12, 2019

Research from our Cardoso lab and their colleagues in Spain, published in Angewandte Chemie, combines two classic demos in one beautiful example of active fluid dynamics.

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