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ACS Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research Class of 2017 Influential Researcher Award to Dr Alessio Zaccone

last modified Feb 21, 2018 02:40 PM

Dr Alessio Zaccone has been listed as one of the 37 most influential early-career researchers worldwide across all areas of chemical engineering and applied chemistry by the journal Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research.

The journal is published by the American Chemical Society and the researchers are selected from those with less than ten years in their independent career, on the basis of the quality and impact of their research.

The list includes faculty members from world leading institutions, and Dr Zaccone is the only awardee with a UK affiliation. A special issue has been published by the journal with contributions from all awardees, including a paper by Dr Zaccone (written with CEB collaborator Dr Chris Ness), which reports on a newly discovered effect in the hydrodynamics of colloidal suspensions.

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