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Alumni Festival 2014

last modified Sep 26, 2014 03:14 PM
A trip down memory lane

As part of this year's Alumni Festival, former Head of Department, Emeritus Professor John Davidson and current Head, Professor Nigel Slater, embarked on a trip down memory lane, and then looked forward to our move to the new building in West Cambridge next year.

This took place on September 26, 2014, at the main department building in Pembroke Street.

Professor Davidson described the Department of Chemical Engineering's humble beginnings, starting with an endowment from Shell in 1945 and highlighted some of the contributions of notable people such as Professors Fox and Danckwerts and Dr Denys Armstrong. He showcased the development of the fuel cell used on Apollo missions and work on heavy hydrogen for nuclear programs. He stressed the importance of the tea break and having time to think, which seems to have been lost in these busy times.

Professor Slater then continued the story with the merger of the Department of  Chemical Engineering with the Institute of Biotechnology in 2008. He showcased the work of two of his students, Ning Xiao, on Using a photosynthetic bacterium as a bio-catalyst for hydrogen production and Stephen Gerrard on the development of an infant nipple shield drug delivery system used during breastfeeding.

He then showed the plans for the new building and video of the topping out ceremony. We look forward to moving in next year and all the opportunities this will provide.

The Alumni Festival then continued with tours around the department.

This was the last chance for people to see the old building before we move and many people took that opportunity.

Students were waiting in their labs to describe their work to alumni.

There are more photos on Facebook.