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Alumni news: Deborah Grubbe, 2018 Delaware Valley Engineer of the Year

last modified Mar 06, 2018 10:02 AM

Deborah Grubbe was recently recognized as the 2018 Delaware Valley Engineer of the Year. This prestigious annual award recognizes an engineer who reflects the qualities and talents that define professional excellence, civic duty, society leadership and community stewardship. Grubbe was elected for this honor by representatives of local engineering and technical societies and was recognized during Delaware Valley Engineers Week, Feb. 16-24, 2018, which is part of a national engineering observance. "Delaware Valley" is the region in and around Philadelphia.

Dr Grubbe was a student here 1977-78. As a Winston Churchill Scholar she completed a Certificate of Post Graduate Studies. Her first degree was in chemical engineering at Purdue. She has held safety positions with the DuPont Co. and British Petroleum and she served on the NASA Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel. She is currently the owner and president of Operations and Safety Solutions (OSS), LLC.

She returned to Cambridge in 2012 and gave a seminar on "Looking at Safety in NASA; Lessons to Learn".

When asked how she felt about being recognized as the 2018 Delaware Valley Engineer of the Year she said, "It’s very humbling. I believe that the best recognition that anyone can receive is the recognition from one’s peers."


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