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Alumni Speaker Series - Tony Gillham

last modified Jan 27, 2014 01:31 PM
Alumni Speaker Series - Tony Gillham

Dr Tony Gillham

On Friday, 26 February, 2010, class of 1964 alumnus Dr Tony Gillham gave an account of his working life in the Chemical Engineering industry: once Design Engineer, Plant Manager, Technical Director, Leader of MBO and Company Chairman. He highlighted not only his successes and failures but also the lessons learnt in setting up his own company, Chemoxy,  an SME (small and medium enterprise) which he managed to get floating onto the market and London Stock Exchange. Although Tony's experience was mainly in the manufacturing and production side of industry, he also learned about Marketing, Research, Health and Safety and environmental impact, all of which made his career extremely interesting and rewarding.

He added that British industry needs more Chemical Engineers and Biotechnologists  in order to have a  more balanced economy in the future. Finally, he encouraged our Undergraduates to keep a broad vision of what a job is about and to think out of the box in order to innovative and achieve their true potential. He also highlighted the importance of fostering good relationships with your customers to be able to meet their demands and understand the direction in which you ought to take your own company.  A pool of influential contacts is also key to work success, therefore, go out and network, network and network!