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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

Alumnus Professor McKinley elected Royal Society Fellow

Alumnus Professor Gareth McKinley among the 51 distinguished scientists elected as new Royal Society Fellows for his exceptional contribution to science.

Chemical Engineering alumnus, Professor Gareth McKinley FRS, is one of the 51 eminent scientists to be elected as new Fellows by the Royal Society. This year’s round has also seen the election of 10 new Foreign Members and one Honorary Fellow for their exceptional contributions to science.

McKinley is the Professor of Teaching Innovation at the School of Engineering's Department of Mechanical Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Gareth completed his chemical engineering undergraduate studies in Cambridge and he then moved to MIT for his PhD in 1986. His research work focuses on understanding the rheology (the flow properties) of complex fluids such as surfactants, gels and polymers, which are ubiquitous in foods and consumer products. His research interests include non-Newtonian fluid dynamics, microfluidics, extensional rheology, field-responsive materials, super-hydrophobicity and the wetting of nanostructured surfaces.

Among some of Professor McKinley’s most notable achievements were the 2013 Bingham Medal Award from the Society of Rheology and the 2014 Gold Medal of the British Society of Rheology in addition to his election to the US National Academy of Engineering earlier in 2019. McKinley is also co-founder of Cambridge Polymer Group, a Boston-based company employing 20 people and specialising in bespoke instrumentation, materials consulting and orthopedic polymeric materials.

Venki Ramakrishnan, President of the Royal Society, commented: "Our purpose has been realised: to use science for the benefit of humanity. This year’s newly elected Fellows and Foreign Members of the Royal Society embody this, being drawn from diverse fields of enquiry - epidemiology, geometry, climatology - at once disparate, but also aligned in their pursuit and contributions of knowledge about the world in which we live, and it is with great honour that I welcome them as Fellows of the Royal Society."

Another three distinguished Cambridge academics have also been elected as Royal Society Fellows in this year’s round: Professor Caucher Birkar (Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics), Professor Peter Haynes (Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics) and Professor Richard Jozsa (Centre for Mathematical Sciences).

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