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Award for Annie Spencer

last modified Jun 26, 2014 12:45 PM
Award for Annie Spencer

Annie Spencer (on the right) and Kirsty Potter collecting for Water Aid

Annie Spencer has been selected by the university for one of this year's four Student Volunteering Gold Awards.

A Student Volunteering Gold Award is presented for exceptional leadership, dedication and/or achievement and is a prestigious mark of excellence in student volunteering.

Annie was nominated by Manny Kemp for her work with RAG this year. Manny said, "She was in charge of the RAG Week team and has quite probably been the best RAG Week person I've ever seen on the committee. I nominated her under the leadership category for the Gold Awards because of her outstanding performance assembling, organising and leading the RAG Week team almost entirely from scratch in the past year. She is chiefly responsible for the effective resurrection of RAG Week, a series of events which almost entirely failed to happen last year and which we on the committee had been forced to seriously consider discontinuing before Annie took on the job."

Annie was an undergraduate student with us and graduated this year with an MEng. She has previously featured in the news for her RAG charity jailbreak.

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