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Ben Taylor on Algaetecture

last modified Jan 23, 2014 02:28 PM

Chemical Engineering PhD student, Ben Taylor, recently helped present a project entitled "Algaetecture" on BBC Radio 4's The Material World. The programme aired live on the 19th November to a wide audience eager to learn about climate change and the role of algae in sustainable living. Ben and Algaetecture project colleague, Daniela Krug, talked a little bit about the project and how algae can be used to generate energy for a household. The programme also included related topics of CO2 emissions and the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit. A podcast of the programme can be found at

The Algaetecture project is a house design envisioned by University of Cambridge architecture students Daniela Krug, Karuga Koinange, and Chris Bowler and complemented by Ben's work with algae and photobioreactors. The symbiotic dwelling concept design incorporates photobioreactors into the building structure in an aesthetically pleasing manner, while simultaneously providing the home with energy from the algae's production of hydrogen, lipids, and biomass. The design won the international SASBE 2009 award, has been featured in BlueSci and Wired magazines and is available for viewing at


Image: Ben Taylor (far right) and Daniela Krug (on Ben's right) present their Algaetecture design on BBC Radio 4's The Material World. In the studio with Ben and Daniela were (clockwise from Ben) Prof Corinne Le Quéré, Programme Host Quentin Cooper, Dr William Blyth, and Dr Louise Sim.