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Best Paper Award at REV 2010

last modified Jan 27, 2014 03:55 PM
Best Paper Award at REV 2010

Roger Watson, Andreas Braumann, Markus Kraft and Aaron Coble

Since May 2009, the CoMo group has been putting its expertise in e-Lab-based teaching to good use as a partner in the EU's LiLa (Library of Labs) project. LiLa's goal is to build an online infrastructure to support e-Lab providers all over Europe. Making this infrastructure sustainable is a key responsibility of the CoMo team and its associates at cmcl ltd and TU Delft.

In collaboration with Siemens and cmcl ltd, the CoMo group has begun to demonstrate how synergies of research teams, teachers and industrial partners can develop the e-Labs concept. The CoMo group shared their experiences in a paper submitted to the REV 2010 conference: 'Sustainable Management of Industrial Collaborations in e-Lab Learning'. In competition with more than 60 other submissions, the authors were given the 'Best Paper Award' for their contribution. Congratulations to Roger Watson, Andreas Braumann, Markus Kraft, Aaron Coble (cmcl) and Thieme Hennis (TU - Delft).