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Best poster prize for Mohamed Ainte

last modified Jun 04, 2014 10:57 AM
Johnson Matthey Academic Conference

Mohamed Ainte has been awarded a best poster prize at the Johnson Matthey Academic Conference in Loughborough last month.

Mohamed is a PhD student at the Magnetic Resonance Research Centre (MRRC) and his project is NMR Techniques for Measuring Transport Phenomena in Meso- and Micro-Porous Catalyst Materials, supervised by Dr Mick Mantle (MRRC), Prof. Lynn Gladden (MRRC) and Dr Andy York (Johnson Matthey).

The project is funded by Johnson Matthey and each year the company holds the Johnson Matthey Academic Conference.  The event is attended by every student that is sponsored by Johnson Matthey (worldwide, but most are based in the UK), their supervisors and several members of the company.

The event took place on April 16th 2014 and the prize was for the best poster out of the first year PhD students.

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