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Best Use of ARCHER Competition: Michael Ruggiero

The EPSRC Best Use of ARCHER Competition recognises the best work on ARCHER, the UK’s National Supercomputer, by post-doctoral and PhD student researchers.

The winners of the competition have just been announced and include one of our post-doctoral researchers, Michael Ruggiero.

The winners were selected from a range of outstanding submissions that demonstrate how the supercomputer has been used to further scientific advancement in the engineering and physical sciences.

Mike’s project involves using high performance computing (HPC) to perform quantum-mechanical simulations on materials ranging from pharmaceutical solids to organic semiconductors. The calculations enable very accurate information about the properties of these materials to be uncovered, which are ultimately used in conjunction with experimental work to fully describe the complex solids. The most recent results from using the ARCHER HPC resource have yielded valuable information about the stability of disordered solids, and has been utilised to provide guidance to pharmaceutical manufacturers in formulating their products.

Each winner will receive £3000 to support travel to the US for building collaborations, helping to develop the next generation of outstanding researchers utilising HPC.


Best Use of ARCHER competition: winners announced

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