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Bob Skelton honoured by Wisbech Grammar School

last modified Mar 30, 2015 03:47 PM
Bob Skelton honoured by Wisbech Grammar School

In 2013, Bob Skelton gave a well attended talk as part of the Alumni Festival, entitled Fukushima Today. He is shown here with a Magnox fuel element.

Bob Skelton was a governor of Wisbech Grammar School for about 15 years and the school is recognising his service by naming a new dining hall after him. The opening dinner will take place on June 16th, 2015.

Bob Skelton joined the Governing Body of Wisbech Grammar School on 1st September 1998 and retired from the Board on 18th March 2014.

Dr Dennis Barter, Chairman of Governors said, "We were very fortunate that Bob was appointed in 1998. His wisdom in all matters, his particular knowledge and expertise in laboratory health and safety legislation, his knowledge of education both in the primary age group, Church Schools and in academia in Cambridge, were all valued highly by the  Head and the Board of Governors throughout his fifteen years or so with the School. Every year Bob arranged for WGS students to attend Magdalene College for "taster days"to introduce them to life and study at a Cambridge college.

He it was who established our tradition of holding a formal annual dinner at Magdalene College to mark our links with the College.

It is therefore evident that WGS and especially the Board of Governors owe Bob Skelton a great deal. To mark, in a small way the contribution he has made to the life of the School the head and Board of governors felt that the newly built refectory and function suite should be named after our illustrious former colleague. Thus Bob has been invited to open "Skelton Hall"  later in the summer."

Wisbech Grammar is an independent grammar school founded in 1379 and is one of the oldest schools in the country. Founded by The Guild of the Holy Trinity, the school went through several transformations and after amalgamation with Wisbech Grammar School for girls on the current North Brink site, the school became an independent grammar school in 1983.

Traditionally the Master of Magdalene College Cambridge has the gift of appointing two Wisbech Grammar School governors from within the college academic staff. Bob's predecessor was another member of this department, Prof Howard Chase.

Bob retired from his post at this department at the end of September 2005. He had been a lecturer here for 16 years and before that spent most of his working life in the process plant contracting industry. However, he did not leave altogether and continues to be an active member of the department.