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Cambridge researchers awarded £100k to build 'super microscope'

last modified Jan 29, 2014 09:18 AM
Cambridge researchers awarded £100k to build 'super microscope'

Concept render of a Localisation Microscope. The Alzheimer’s Research UK award will enable the development of an enhanced super-resolution imaging platform that is optimised for and dedicated to the study of amyloidogenic proteins involved in Alzheimer's

Researchers at CEB are building a unique, state-of-the-art microscope that could aid the development of new drugs for Alzheimer’s disease, thanks to funding from Alzheimer’s Research UK. The award of £96,864 will allow scientists in the Laser Analytics group to develop a tailor-made 'super-resolution' microscope capable of revealing the fine detail of proteins that are linked to the disease.

Prof Kaminski, head of the Laser Analytics group, said: "We're extremely pleased to have secured this funding, which will ensure that dementia scientists in Cambridge will have a unique piece of equipment that will be an enormous boost to our research. We are embedded in a team of researchers from a range of disciplines, including biologists, physicists and engineers, and by pooling our expertise, we aim to tailor this machine so that we’ll be able to answer specific and important questions that are outstanding in Alzheimer’s research."

For more information on Alzheimer's research and super-resolution imaging at CEB, please follow the Quick links on the right.

There are over 6,000 people in Cambridgeshire affected by dementia, yet we still lack treatments that can fight the condition. If we are to find new treatments that are so urgently needed, it's vital to invest in research like this.