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Cameron Rennie

last modified Jan 29, 2014 02:42 PM
Cameron Rennie

Cameron Rennie with Scooby from Theatre Military Dog Sqn at Camp Bastion

Graduate student Cameron Rennie is back to wrap-up his thesis, having returned just before Christmas from a short period of mobilisation in Afghanistan with the Royal Auxiliary Air Force.

Cameron's research here involves the investigation of the natural resource footprints of different energy production pathways. The aim is to develop a tool - to enable choices between energy investments - that is informed by understanding of the biophysical dependencies of energy production.

He says, "Although I never intended to include central Asia in the development of decision tools for selection of sustainable energy choices, the opportunity to test applicability of optimisation algorithms for selection of power generation technologies in Afghanistan does seem too good to miss. There has to be massive expansion in infrastructure given the current installed capacity is only around 500MW for a population of 30 million!"