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Special feature article in The Catalyst Review by Carmine D'Agostino

last modified Aug 08, 2017 09:44 AM
Special feature article in The Catalyst Review by Carmine D'Agostino

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One of our lecturers, Dr Carmine D'Agostino, was invited to write a special feature article for the magazine The Catalyst Review, which covers new developments in the business sector in the catalyst industry.

Read the article - NMR Relaxation in Porous Catalysts: A Useful Tool to Aid Catalyst Selection and Process Optimization.

His invited contribution discusses the use and exploitation of NMR relaxation techniques in the field of catalysis. His initial work has shown how these methods can be extended and tailored to study several aspects of importance in heterogeneous catalysis, including solvent effect, poisoning, changes in surface properties due to different preparation methods and other phenomena related to catalyst surface affinity for different chemical species. This knowledge can be used to optimize and improve design of chemical processes and catalyst manufacturing, for example aid solvent selection for a specific catalytic processes. Whilst this work has been mostly done at academic level, the industry has in recent years shown interest in these protocols. For example, in one of his PhD projects he is currently working on technology transfer from academia to industry. This article, in particular, discusses the basic principles of the NMR relaxation techniques applied to porous catalysts, focusing on various opportunities in terms of application of this technology in industrial and manufacturing environments.