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Carmine D’Agostino: Catalyst Review Movers and Shakers

last modified Mar 03, 2017 02:30 PM

Dr Carmine D’Agostino has been chosen as one of the "Movers & Shakers" by the Catalyst Group and invited to contribute to the November issue of their publication, "The Catalyst Review".

In his contribution, Dr D'Agostino has been highlighting recent developments in investigating catalyst behaviour using NMR spectroscopy and microscopy, including his recent work on the topic and the implications at commercial/industrial level.

Read Carmine's article.

"The Catalyst Review" is a magazine that covers technical and commercial developments in the global catalytic industry, offering key information critical to business strategy development.

Dr Carmine D’Agostino is a Lecturer in this department and a Senior Research Fellow at Wolfson College.
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