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New Editors join the CEB Focus Team, May 2016

last modified May 26, 2016 04:08 PM
New Editors join the CEB Focus Team, May 2016

CEB Editorial Team - From left to right: Pawat Silawattakun, Aazraa Pankan, Chief Editor Elena Gonzalez, Geertje van Rees and Dr Parminder Heer

CEB Focus Newsletter is the product of a joint team effort led by Elena Gonzalez assisted by volunteer editors. Two new members have joined the Team recently: Pawat Silawattakun and Dr Parminder Heer.

Pawat Silawattakun is a Part I Undergraduate in this department. He joined the CEB Focus Team in March as the new editor for the Undergraduate Focus section, fulfilling part of his responsibility as CUCES’s IT & Publicity Officer.

He says, "I have very much enjoyed being part of the team so far, and as an undergraduate it is fantastic to be given the opportunity to interact closely with graduate students and those who are doing research projects/PhDs.

In my perspective, I believe that CEB Focus is an excellent platform for students in my year as well as other undergraduates to discover the broad range of topics Chemical Engineering covers, and I actively encourage everybody to read CEB Focus. For instance, articles on summer internships undertaken by students can provide valuable insight to the respective industries and also give suggestions on applying.

As the new Undergraduate editor, I am hoping to include more articles on Part I activities and achievements in my section of the article. I would also like to highlight more individual and group achievements in general across the undergraduate community."

Parminder Kaur K. S. Heer, is working as a Research Associate (Post-Doc) in Prof. Alexei Lapkin’s Sustainable Reaction Engineering Group in this department. She is a chemical engineer with doctoral research expertise gained at the Institute of Chemical Technology-India in the area of modeling and simulation, more specifically, related to the development of kinetic models and processes for biodiesel. Besides this, she has specialised in the modelling of pulse chromatographic systems for characterising adsorbents for CO2, CH4 and N2 adsorption. CEB research activities are aimed at meeting the future global needs and  'sustainability' by providing novel engineering solutions is high on their agenda. This is what encouraged her to join CEB.

She says, "I am currently working on a project for conceptual design of models and processes related to efficient use of waste. I also volunteered at the Science Festival recently, which gave me the opportunity to meet and work with other colleagues at CEB, which was a great experience. This small 'stint' led me to find out more about CEB Focus newsletter and join the ditorial team. It's a great opportunity to find out more about other colleagues' field of work and help me connect with interdisciplinary research activities across the department and the integrated novel solutions developed to tackle serious technical and economic challenges affecting modern life. Being part of the team makes me feel a small step closer to the department I am working in."

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