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Christmas Festivities

last modified Jan 23, 2014 02:34 PM
Christmas Festivities

Prof Gladden welcoming everyone

Members of the department attended several events over the festive season. One of the bigger parties was the Coffee Club lunch at the New Museums site building. The picture shows Head of Department Professor Lynn Gladden saying a few words of welcome before everyone dived into the food and drink. She congratulated Dr Alex Routh and Prof Nigel Slater on their recent awards. After the feast, there was also a raffle and a quiz.

There was also a Christmas party at the Institute of Biotechnology. Every year third year PhD students of IOB organize a Christmas party and this year it was held in the tea room with lots of food and drinks, music and disco lighting.

As term ended on December 4th, the undergraduates held their CUCES Christmas dinner at the Anchor on 23 November. There are many photos of this event on Facebook.

Individual research groups also held dinners and parties. The Paste group, for example, held a dinner at Jesus College and were joined by alumni, one of whom travelled all the way from New Zealand.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a peaceful new year.