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The small book of colour-it-yourself science

last modified Mar 10, 2017 03:36 PM

CEB is launching its very first CEB Science Colouring Book to help engage the general public with science and the research work being undertaken in the Department. The colouring book will be given out at public outreach events.

The CEB Science Colouring book has been created as a communication tool, part of a public outreach strategy, to help CEB share information about the science underpinning departmental research projects, using art as a form of inspiration to engage the general public and get aspiring scientists interested in what CEB does, whilst sharing the positive impact of key research activities on society as a whole.

Dr Ljiljana Fruk and Elena Gonzalez teamed up to put together a colouring book using science images supplied by talented researchers. Dr Fruk, an academic champion from the School of Technology on the Public Engagement Advisory Group, heads the public outreach function at CEB and Elena helped with the marketing side of things. CEB ran a photo competition calling researchers to submit suitable artistic scientific images depicting their work to be included in the book. Catchy and easy to understand captions were also used to describe the image and the crucial role particles and molecules play in developing key innovative solutions in sustainability and healthcare. These images are the basis of the book's content, inspired by a mix of art and science.

Ljiljana and Elena worked on the design of the fun "Colour in – Knowledge out" book project, along with professional designer Charlotte Sankey from Creative Warehouse. Ljiljana commented;“ We just wanted to put some fun into presenting research, removing too much text, but getting to the point with a bit of humour and lots of colour.” Elena added; "Our aim was to create an educational tool that helps explain complex science concepts and chemical reactions. We thought that a fun activity of an artistic nature like colouring, whilst helping communicate amazing facts about science and our research work, could engage both kids and adults, bringing science closer to the general public. The captions accompanying the drawings were also adapted, using simplified and less technical language, to make it more appealing to the public and help them understand these concepts, driving them to want to discover more"

The shapes to be coloured in are in fact outline drawings of real images supplied by our own scientists, featuring molecules, particles, spores etc... some showing reactions at molecular level taking place whilst research experiments were being conducted. The appendix at the back of the book lists all the images submitted by CEB researchers.

The colouring book launch on 13 March coincides with the start of the "Molecules that Rocked the World", a 3D interactive exhibition on site, which Dr Fruk is leading, along with her BioNano Engineering Research Group. This not-to be missed, relaxing exhibit will be on display from 13- 24 March in Pembroke St site's former Library. This event, the very last to take place in Pembroke St site as CEB prepares to complete Phase 2 of the move to its new home in West Cambridge, is CEB's own contribution to the Science Festival programme, as well as the Science Booth department researchers and volunteers will be running at the Plant Sciences Marquee on Saturday 18 March.

For a free copy of CEB Science Colouring Book visit any of these public outreach events!