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Explain your research in 150 words

last modified Mar 29, 2018 03:04 PM
Easter Egg competition
Explain your research in 150 words

Chetan Poudel with his prize

Cambridge Enterprise have been visiting once a month to offer innovation launch, spin-out set-up and intellectual property advice to all our researchers and academics.

As part of the event in March, Cambridge Enterprise ran a competition to see who could explain their research the most clearly in 150 words plus one picture.

Eleven students and post docs entered and the winner was Chetan Poudel who is a PhD student in the Laser Analytics Group with Prof Clemens Kaminski. Chetan has been working partly in collaboration with PhD student Michelle Teplensky from David Fairen-Jimenez's group at CEB. They have been developing an imaging assay using fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM) to study encapsulation and protection of siRNA within metal organic frameworks (MOFs).

He explained his work, "My research involves imaging of porous materials called metal organic frameworks (MOFs) to explore if they can be used for gene delivery in cells. We use a particular imaging technique called FLIM which allows us to look at close interactions between MOFs and the genes they aim to encapsulate. Using FLIM, we can figure out if these genes are inside or outside these porous MOFs and if the genes are protected by the MOFs when they deliver the genes to living cells. This allows us to explore the MOF properties, their protection capacity and their ability to deliver genes to cells efficiently to cure diseases."

The prize was an Easter egg, and chocolate was given out for every entry!

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