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General Admission 2014

last modified Jun 27, 2014 04:07 PM
Degree ceremonies
General Admission 2014

Chemical engineering graduates Chensong Gao, Martyn Higson and Jenny Overton from Clare College. Click on the image to view it full screen.

This year, General Admission has been extended to cover four days rather than three due to increases in student numbers and more students wishing to graduate in person. Congregations for General Admission to Degrees, or graduation ceremonies, were held on Wednesday, 25 June, Thursday, 26 June, Friday, 27 June and Saturday, 28 June, 2014.

Undergraduate students graduate with their college, not by subject or department, so unfortunately, all our MEng students do not graduate together.

The procedure is that the graduands of each college, wearing their gowns and hoods, assemble in their college under the direction of the Praelector, who leads them in procession through the streets to the Senate House. Meanwhile, relatives and friends of the graduands take their seats in the Senate House.

Magdalene College, led by the Master, Dr Rowan Williams (with umbrella)

Those graduating on Wednesday, including Clare College (photo above), and Thursday had fine, sunny days and the streets looked especially festive with all the bunting for Le Tour de France. Those on Friday were not so lucky and some came prepared with umbrellas.

Once into the Senate House, the students are presented to the Vice-Chancellor's deputy, and then are conferred their degree individually. The ceremony is entirely in Latin.

Trinity College

After the last candidate has graduated, the new graduates meet their family and friends in the Senate House Yard to celebrate and the next college processes in for their turn.

There are more photos on the department's Facebook page.