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ExoEvolution: Future is Here Module curated by Ljiljana Fruk

last modified Nov 24, 2015 03:39 PM
ExoEvolution: Future is Here Module curated by Ljiljana Fruk

BANG/MAtter/DarkMatter Installation (Lj. Fruk, B. Lintermann, R. Mach, 2015)

We live in the age of tremendous technological advances and despite the immense flow and availability of information; many discoveries are still mainly discussed in the lecture halls and scientific papers at the global hotspots, largely incomprehensible to the general public. However, advancing the knowledge to find the solutions for pressing problems requires global action; sharing the knowledge and expanding the creative pool by inviting non-experts to join onto the discovery wagon.

Within a huge 300 day event organized by Centre for Art and Media technologies, Karlsruhe, leading international media art institution icalled GLOBALE, a central stage is given to an art-science exhibition ExoEvolution, one of the most comprehensive and unique events focusing on the artistic application of new technologies and presentation of new realities formed by 3D printers and robots, cyborgs and chimeras and molecules and gene pools. It exhibits the works of up and coming and renowned artists (i.e. Pinar Yoldas, Conrad Shawcross or Troika) and scientists (Stephen Hawking, Hermann Roth, Robert Root Bernstein). The views on past and the future are offered within special modules, one of which "Future is here" is curated by Ljiljana Fruk. Future is here is both an art project heavily inspired by science and a science project exploring the use of artistic tools in the illustration of scientific developments on the verge of science fiction. Rather than preaching or employing traditional teaching methods, its central philosophy is to use science, engineering, art, senses and emotions to explore cutting edge topics such as dark matter (BANG/Matter/Dark Matter together with Bernd Lintermann and Rüdiger Mach), nanotechnology (Seeing the Invisible, Fruk and Lintermann), DNA synthesis (Quintessence, Fruk and LIntermann) and the world of molecules (Molecules that Changed the World, Fruk and LIntermann).

The exhibition can be seen in Karlsruhe till 28.02.2016.

Seeing the Invisible, Graphene (Lj. Fruk, B. Lintermann, 2015)

Seeing the Invisible, Nano Mosaic (Lj. Fruk, 2015)

Molecules that Changed the World, 3D Installation (Lj. Fruk, . Lintermann, 2011-2015)

Future is Here


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