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Golnaz Borghei and Laurence McGlashan: best graduate research presentations

last modified Jan 27, 2014 01:53 PM
Golnaz Borghei and Laurence McGlashan: best graduate research presentations

Laurence McGlashan, Golnaz Borghei, Prof Lisa Hall, Prof Lynn Gladden, Dr Adrian Fisher

The Graduate Conference, held on 30-31 March 2010, was a showcase of graduate research in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology. Final year PhD students from the department presented talks about their work and the prize for best graduate research presentation went jointly to Golnaz Borghei and Laurence McGlashan.

Golnaz Borghei is supervised by Prof Lisa Hall and spoke on From Jellyfish to Cherry Biosensor. She said,"Taking advantage of the bioluminescence resonance energy transfer (BRET) phenomenon, we have developed a red bioluminescent probe applying Firefly Luciferase, monomeric Red and mCherry fluorescent Proteins. The auto-fluorescent cherry protein or an enhanced longer wavelength Luciferase can be used as a biosensor to measure compounds effecting the chromophore of individual luminescent proteins.
On the other side of the story, immobilization of mCherry and Luciferase on semi-conductor nano-particles opens a second path of energy transfer which results on an enhancement of the signal: Electron Transfer. In addition a novel BRET structure basis on nanoparticles has been introduced."

Laurence McGlashan is supervised by Prof Markus Kraft and he presented a talk on the coupling of population balance solvers to computational fluid dynamics codes in order to improve the modelling of multiphase processes. He showed the importance of the need for coupling and also demonstrated two moment methods for solving the population balance equation.

reception after the talksThe prizes were presented at a reception after the talks and the runners-up were:
Oliver Wright Screening for bioactive peptides
Eva Hradetzky Molecular phenotyping of the MAM rat model
Theodoros Koutroukides Plasma Proteome Profiling using Amine-Reactive Isobaric Tagging Mass Spectrometry in Schizophrenia
Sarah Creber NMR Studies of Colloidal Transport and Membrane System Fouling 
Alex Tayler MRI studies of bubble flow systems