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Graduate Conference prize winners 2011

last modified Jan 28, 2014 11:14 AM
Graduate Conference prize winners 2011

Jamie Walters, Kat Yearsley, Jianing Qian and Jeanne Therese Andres with Prof Chris Lowe

The Graduate Conference, held on 26-27 April 2011, was a showcase of graduate research in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology. Final year PhD students from the department presented talks about their work and the prizes for best graduate research presentation went to Andrew Lynch, Jianing Qian and Jamie Walters.

The runners up were Jeanne Therese Andres, Alan Russell and Kat Yearsley.

Andrew Lynch is supervised by Prof Slater and spoke onDelivering Trehalose into Cells: Amphipathic Polymers for Cell Membrane Permeabilisation and Biopreservation.
Jianing Qian is supervised by Prof Lowe and presented her work onSynthetic Solid Phase Affinity Ligands for Purifying Camelid Antibodies.
Jamie Walters is supervised by Prof Hall and spoke on UltraDOTS - Multifunctional Ion-Selective Microcapsules.

Jeanne Therese Andres is supervised by Dr Cardoso and discussed The Interaction of Chemical Kinetics and Fluid Flow in the Geological Storage of Carbon Dioxide.
Alan Russell is supervised by Prof Chase and spoke on Recycling and Exploring Fossil Fuel Alternatives using Microwave Pyrolysis and Activated Carbon.
Kat Yearsley  is supervised by Prof Mackley and presented The microstructure, rheology and electrical conductivity of carbon black and carbon nanotube suspensions.

At a reception at the end of the graduate conference, the winners were each presented with a certificate, a plaque and a bottle of wine. The runners up received a certificate and a bottle of wine.