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Graduate conference prize winners, 2015

last modified May 13, 2015 12:40 PM
Jacob Brubert, Julia Manetsberger, Luke Baker, Henry Lin, Nathan Curry, Alexandra Grigore
Graduate conference prize winners, 2015

Four of the prize winners with their trophies: Nathan Curry, Jacob Brubert, Luke Baker and Alexandra Grigore

The Graduate student conference took place on Tuesday 21st April and Wednesday 22nd April 2015 and prizes for best presentations and posters were presented by Head of Department Professor Nigel Slater before the first year seminars on 29 April.

Third year PhD students gave presentations and the three prize winners for best papers were Jacob Brubert, Julia Manetsberger and Luke Baker.

Jacob Brubert presented his project, entitled, Bioinspiration vs biology: Could rubber heart valves beat your own?
Julia Manetsberger described Investigating the Bacillus megaterium QM B1551 spore coat and exosporium
and Luke Baker spoke about Operando MRI investigations of fixed bed catalytic reactors.

During the Third Year Graduate Conference, Second year PhD students presented posters. The three prize winners for best posters were Henry Lin, Nathan Curry and Alexandra Grigore.
Henry Lin's poster was on Therapeutic applications of spore surface display
Nathan Curry's covered the Investigation of dendritic spines by STED Nanoscopy
and Alexandra Grigore's work is Acoustic methods for signal enhancement in solid/liquid interface NMR.

Prof Slater also thanked the organisers of the conference, Chloe Aust, Jacob Brubert and Hassan Alderazi.

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