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Green Impact Award 2012-2013

last modified Jun 23, 2014 03:28 PM
Green Impact Award 2012-2013

Green Impact trophy

The Department has received a Bronze Green Impact award at an award ceremony on 13 June 2013.

We were one of 14 teams to submit our online workbook. A team of staff and students from the department worked through the 20 tasks outlined in the Green Impact Bronze Workbook. These ranged from raising awareness of environmental issues to providing staff and students with easy ways to decrease their environmental impact. There were regular Green Impact email news digests and posters on two dedicated noticeboards covering issues including recycling, travel to work, videoconferencing and energy saving tips. The team also ensured that there were better signs on light switches and some equipment to show what could be safely switched off (and reminding staff to do so at the end of the day).

The team also organised daily events during the University-wide switch off week on 18th-24th February which included ‘Wear a jumper to work day’ and ‘Wednesday Lunchtime Switch Off’ to raise awareness throughout the department. These simple measures lead to the Department saving 3% on its energy consumption when compared to the previous week, this was well above the average University saving of 2.1%.

Green Impact was launched as the University's new environmental accreditation scheme in November 2012. It has been designed to support and encourage departments across the University in reducing their environmental impacts. 

The trophy is a piece of reclaimed slate.

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