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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

Half Marathon for Lymphoedema Support Network

Annette Williams

Annette Williams (our technician) was not a runner. If somebody has suggested that she was going to run a half marathon this year she would have laughed. But after her daughter had finished the “couch to 5K” programme she got off the couch and started to run in March.

Now she is running the Grunty Fen half marathon with her brother and both of her children on the 14th September 2014. She is trying to raise money and promote the Lymphoedema Support Network. The small charity gives information and support to those diagnosed with the condition, who are often distressed by it. LSN also supplies patient information to clinics and health professionals, and helps doctors to learn more about the condition.

Lymphoedema is a long term condition which causes swelling, usually of the limbs, but sometimes of the trunk and face, pain and loss of mobility. There are two types. Primary lymphoedema is genetically determined and can develop at any age, while Secondary lymphoedema results from infection, trauma and most frequently from cancer treatment. The family are supporting LSN as their mum/grandmother has primary lymphoedema and works voluntarily for the charity.

You can donate on her justgiving page and there is more information about lymphoedema.

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