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"Highest Quality" paper in Catalysis Science & Technology

last modified Apr 25, 2014 03:56 PM
"Highest Quality" paper in Catalysis Science & Technology

Dr Carmine D’Agostino

A recent article of Dr Carmine D’Agostino has received the award as "Highest Quality" paper in Catalysis Science & Technology, a Royal Society of Chemistry journal. The article (Catal. Sci. Technol., 2014, 4, 1313) discusses the reusability of heterogeneous catalysts used for the sustainable production of value-added chemicals from renewable resources, a topic that has become very relevant in recent years in order to develop cleaner, environmentally benign chemical processes, and addresses the issue of the effect of the porous catalyst structure on deactivation phenomena, which is a central issue to understand in order to make these novel processes industrially viable. The work was done in collaboration with the Cardiff Catalysis Institute.

The article was chosen to feature on the front cover of the journal. The art work for the cover was a hand-made drawing done by Carmine's wife, Chen Xi, who is a local artist in Cambridge and transformed the scientific context of Carmine's paper into a quirky, imaginative picture.

Carmine, who is a newly appointed lecturer in our department and a Junior Research Fellow of Wolfson College, would also like to thank Dr Mick Mantle and Prof Lynn Gladden, who worked together with him on the article.

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