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"Highlight of 2013" in Journal of Optics

last modified Feb 21, 2014 12:00 PM
"Highlight of 2013" in Journal of Optics

A simulation of a famous poster, scaled and imaged by conventional optics (left) and localisation microscopy (right)

An article from the Laser Analytics Group, 'Elements of image processing in localization microscopy' has been one of the most downloaded articles in the Journal of Optics.

The paper, by Eric J Rees, Miklos Erdelyi, Gabriele S Kaminski Schierle, Alex Knight and Clemens F Kaminski, was also selected as a "Highlight of 2013" by the journal.

The authors presented a review of image analysis techniques used in localisation microscopy, and made the software available as open source. The Laser Analytics group uses the software for several biomedical research projects, such as the groundbreaking use of super-resolution microscopy to study the onset of amyloid protein fibril formation in Alzheimer's disease.

LAG rainstorm
Logo of the rainSTORM software made available along with this paper
In the past 6 months, the paper has achieved in excess of 1000 downloads.

The researchers gratefully acknowledge support by Alzheimer's Research UK, and the EPSRC.