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Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

Ineos Oxide Summer Intern Scheme launched at CEB

Ineos Oxide is looking for talented undergrad chemical engineering students to join their summer intern scheme and help them solve real-world problems.

Chris Harding, Business Development Manager at INEOS, visited CEB yesterday to  tell undergraduates about the company and launch the company's summer internship scheme.

Starting with just one site, in 20 years INEOS has grown to be one of the world’s largest chemical firms with 2018 revenues of over $60Bn. It now operates at over 170 sites in 35 countries and employs over 16,000 people.

Their summer scheme is mainly aimed at 2nd and 3rd Year chemical engineering students and provides them with a fantastic opportunity to work on exciting projects.

Chris told students about his role at INEOS,  organisational structure and a typical working day in the company.  He also gave a general overview of what it is INEOS/INEOS Oxides do, their customers and where products end up, etc...

INEOS Oxide is one of the largest divisions of INEOS, manufacturing chemical intermediates, including ethylene and propylene oxide, and their derivatives, and a range of other chemicals such as butanol, ethyl acetate and ENB.

He also touched on interesting challenges faced as a business and how talented students can help tackle these. It could involve looking at a new process, improving the efficiency of their  current operations or examining a de-bottleneck of their plants. Successful applicants will join the INEOS Oxide operations teams on one its sites for eight weeks over the summer and will present the outcome of the work at the end.

Some of the key challenges successful applicants would need to face and find solutions to are optimising plans to run more efficiently,  managing projects and develop new ideas. Chris commented; "Our products are present in many end-use applications and cross your path the whole day."

Students were interested on the roles available/suitable for chemical engineers, both for the summer internships and then more generally within the organisation, as well as opportunities for progress through the organisation.

Chris ended the session giving useful tips on applications and answering student questions.

INEOS will be interviewing department undergrad applicants at CEB in March. For more information contact Chris Harding on

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