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From Bench to Bedside: Communications in Bringing Innovation in Healthcare Technology to the World

last modified Jun 02, 2014 04:31 PM
Career talk
From Bench to Bedside: Communications in Bringing Innovation in Healthcare Technology to the World

Prof John Davidson with Drs David Kane and Lizzie Wright

Inventiv Health ‘double act’ Drs David Kane and Lizzie Wright, both expert scientific communications consultants with an extensive background in scientific research and a wealth of specialist knowledge in the field, visited CEB on Thursday 22 May 2014 and gave a very interactive talk about effective science communication to department members. They highlighted the power of communications being able to prepare and move markets in the healthcare and biotech sectors as well as building a bridge between science and the world. In this rapidly evolving healthcare environment, researchers face many a scientific challenge and it is hugely important that new developments in technology are communicated effectively in order to maximise their chances of success.

They went on to present science communications as an alternative career path to academia and as a vital discipline allowing you to package your communications and adapt it to different audiences such as: investors, other scientists, the general public or government. As per transferring from academia to the commercial world David commented; ‘there’s no roadmap but the analytical rigour and knowledge evolved in a career in academic science can be highly attractive. In addition,  mentors are valuable and the power of networking extremely important.’

The media has huge influence., It is the job of a scientific communications professional to ensure that new developments, particularly as they apply to health and human wellbeing, are accurately communicated and not sensationalised, e.g. as “miracle cures” or “killer drugs”. This is done through providing clear and balanced information on new developments.

Inventiv Health have the scientific understanding, contacts and networks to help healthcare and biotech companies manage their reputation and deliver effective communications. For more information visit or contact Dr David Kane (European Managing Director, Public Relations, Inventiv Health) on

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