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Invited paper at Cyprus Institute - Dr Vassiliadis

last modified Jul 13, 2017 01:16 PM
Cleaning Scheduling of Heat Exchanger Networks: From Mixed-Integer Optimisation to Optimal Control

Dr Vassilis Vassiliadis presented an invited paper entitled "Cleaning Scheduling of Heat Exchanger Networks: From Mixed-Integer Optimisation to Optimal Control" at a colloquium at the Cyprus Institute in Nicosia, Cyprus on the 29th June 2017.

The colloquium was focused on the issue of optimising the cleaning scheduling of heat exchanger networks. Extensions to the optimisation of the scheduling for maintenance of other decaying performance industrial processes were also presented briefly. This area has significant impact on efficient energy utilisation and minimisation of energy wastage. 

Dr Vassiliadis’ research interests lie in the development and application of optimisation and simulation tools in engineering and scientific domains. His research field is Process Systems Engineering and the central theme of his presentation was maintenance scheduling. Maintenance, preventive or restorative, plays a crucial role in the smooth and safe operation of many industries, such as the chemical process industry. Essentially, maintenance has to be scheduled in a cost optimal way so that an item of equipment can be planned for 'cleaning' or replacement ahead in time.

The colloquium audience included academics from Cyprus and the general public. Representatives from local industry were also present. The aim was to present this pioneering work by the Process Systems Engineering research group, with a view to inform general international audiences, promote scholarship and to facilitate the possibility of future international collaborations in the area.