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New University Lectureships - Dr David Fairen-Jimenez and Dr Róisín Owens

last modified Jul 06, 2017 04:18 PM

We are very pleased to announce the appointment of two new University Lectureships in CEB.

Dr David Fairen-Jimenez has been appointed as a University Lecturer in Materials and Materials Chemistry and Dr Róisín Owens has been appointed to a University Lectureship in the field of Bioelectronics.

Dr Róisín M. Owens received her BA in Natural Sciences (Mod. Biochemistry) at Trinity College Dublin, and her PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Southampton University. She carried out two postdoc fellowships at Cornell University, on host-pathogen interactions of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in the department of Microbiology and Immunology with Prof. David Russell, and on rhinovirus therapeutics in the department of Biomedical Engineering with Prof. Moonsoo Jin. From 2009-2017 she was a group leader in the department of bioelectronics at Ecole des Mines de St. Etienne, on the microelectronics campus in Provence. Her current research centers on application of organic electronic materials for monitoring biological systems in vitro, with a specific interest in studying the gut-brain-microbiome axis. She has received several awards including the European Research Council starting (2011), proof of concept grant (2014) and consolidator (2016) grants, a Marie Curie fellowship, and an EMBO fellowship. In 2014, she became principle editor for biomaterials for MRS communications (Cambridge University Press), and she serves on the advisory board of Advanced BioSystems and Journal of Applied Polymer Science (Wiley). She is author of 50+ publications.

Dr David Fairen-Jimenez graduated with a PhD in porous materials in chemistry at the University of Granada in 2006. He then carried out a postdoc at the University of Edinburgh, studying adsorption in metal-organic frameworks and combining advanced experimental techniques molecular and modelling for the design of novel functional materials. He expanded his research at Northwestern University (USA), working with some of the strongest international leaders in his field, including Profs. Randall Snurr, J. Hupp and F. Stoddart, and implementing new computational methods for H2 storage and toxic industrial compounds capture. He returned to UK as a Royal Society University Research Fellow in Cambridge in late 2012, to initiate his independent career.

To date David has published 60+ papers and 4 patents (h-index: 24), and has given many invited seminars and lectures at conferences and universities around the world. He is also a founder and Director at Immaterial Labs Ltd., a MOF manufacturing company for gas storage and air filtration, and Tarsis Technologies Ltd., a company for slower and controlled delivery of drugs using amorphous MOFs. Among others, he was awarded a European Research Council (ERC) Consolidator Grant for the "Design of NanoMOFs Capsules for Drug Delivery and Bioimaging" in cancer diagnosis and therapy.

The new lecturers will take up their positions on 1 September 2017.


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