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PhD student prizewinners

last modified Jan 28, 2014 04:30 PM
PhD student prizewinners

Prizewinners Jenny Versnel, William Menz, Fatma Isik Ustok, Mariana Garcia Domingos, Jin Yang Lim and Wen Liu with Prof Chris Lowe

At a small gathering on 14 December 2011, six first and second year PhD students were awarded prizes for their work.

Second year prizes were awarded to Fatma Isik Ustok, Wen Liu and Mariana Garcia Domingos for the web pages they produced to illustrate their research projects. Fatma's project title is "Cortex lytic enzymes in spore germination", Mariana's work is on "Turbulent plumes and thermals with internal buoyancy change" and Wen Liu studies the "Production of Hydrogen via Chemical Looping".

First year prizes were awarded to Jin Yang Lim, Jenny Versnel and William Menz for their first year reports and presentations. Jin Yang Lim's project title is "Fundamental Studies of the Fischer-Tropsch Reaction" and William Menz's project focused on modelling the aerosol synthesis of narrowly-distributed silicon nanoparticles. Jenny Versnel's project is entitled "A Holographic Nitric Oxide for Exhaled Breath in Asthma".

There are more photos on Facebook.