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Photo competition winners, June 2017

last modified Jul 06, 2017 04:20 PM
Photo competition winners, June 2017

Vassilis Vassiliadis, Ljiljana Fruk and Ines Colic. Click on the image to see a larger version.

Congratulations to the three winners of last term's CEB Science Book photo competition. They are: 

  • Ines Colic (liposomes)
  • Dr Vassilis Vassiliadis (the beauty of mathematics)
  • Dr Ljiljana Fruk (golden DNA)

Their wining entries are shown below and are representative of different research fields in CEB. They were judged to be the most science focused, artistic and most suitable for insertion in the book. You can also compare the original photos as submitted to their corresponding outline image version as used for colouring in the book.

Original image Drawing for colouring book

Liposomes, by Ines Colić
These round particles are built of the same stuff as our cell membranes. Drugs can be captured within their core and delivered to those cells that need them.

The beauty of mathematics, by Vassilios Vassiliadis.
The diagram is a contour plots of functions encountered in minimisation problems, important for the understanding of processes such as heat exchange or protein formation.

Golden hybrids, by Ljiljana Fruk
Very small particles of gold (gold nanoparticles) grown on a copper mesh used for the speeding up of some chemical reactions (catalysis).

See the full colouring book 

The winners will each be given an Amazon voucher by the Department.

Thanks to everyone who entered the competition too!

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