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Poster Award for Tian Tian

last modified Oct 27, 2014 02:04 PM
Poster Award for Tian Tian

Tian and his poster. Photo taken by Pu Zhao

Tian Tian, a 2nd year PhD student from the Adsorption & Advanced Materials and the BioScience Engineering groups, has won the Micromeritics poster award at the 4th International Conference on Metal-Organic Framework and Open Framework Compounds (MOF2014), with a prize of 60,000 JPY (£350). The MOF conference is an international symposium held every two years; MOF2014 was held in Kobe, Japan, 28 Sep – 1 Oct, 2014.

Tian’s poster, titled “Monolithic MOFs for industrial gas adsorption applications”, focused on the synthesis of mechanically robust monolithic MOFs without using binding agents or high pressure while increasing the volumetric capacity of the original powder material by a 3 times factor. This approach, carried out under the supervision of Dr David Fairen-Jimenez, was recently filed for patenting and is indeed a very promising alternative for gas adsorption technologies and industrial applications such as carbon capture and hydrogen storage.

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