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Prize for Nuria Rodrí­guez

last modified Jan 28, 2014 04:17 PM
Prize for Nuria Rodrí­guez

Nuria Rodríguez

Dr Nuria Rodríguez been awarded the "TR35 Spain" prize for her work on Calcium Looping Technology. 
The prize is awarded by MIT through the journalTechnology Review. Traditionally, the journal selected young innovative people (less than 35 years old) in the USA. This is the first time the price is awarded in Spain. They have selected 10 young Spanish people, whose work is innovative in different fields like IT, energy, biotechnology, new materials...   Nuria has been selected because of her work in the field of "clean energy". The Calcium Looping Technology is applied to existing power plants to reduce the CO2 emissions through the reaction of this gas with CaO. The examinors have considered that this technology has high potential to be applied in the near future.
The 10 Spanish winners have been invited to the Conference EmTech in MIT, Boston (USA), 17- 22th October 2011, and to the Conference EmTech Spain in Malaga, 26-25th October to be presented with their prizes.

Dr Nuria Rodríguez is a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Combustion Group.