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Prizes at UK Particle Technology Forum

last modified Sep 24, 2014 02:41 PM
Kok Foong Lee and Mat Bryan

The 12th UK Particle Technology Forum took place at Manchester Conference Centre 16th- 17th September, 2014 and two of our students were awarded prizes.

Kok Foong Lee won the second prize of the Young Researcher Award for his paper Multi-compartment population balance model for a granulation process.  In this work, he applied stochastic particle methods that allow the individual properties of each particle (e.g. solid and liquid volumes) to be tracked throughout the simulation. Thus, detailed properties of each particle (e.g. porosity and liquid content) can be calculated at any point during the simulation that is not possible with other numerical techniques. Kok Foong Lee is a member of the Computational Modelling group (CoMo) supervised by Prof Markus Kraft.

Mat Bryan won the runner up poster prize for his poster Elucidating extrusion-spheronisation of pharmaceutical pastes. Mat is studying for a PhD with the Paste, Particle and Polymer Processing group (P4G), supervised by Dr Ian Wilson. This work follows on from a research project undertaken by undergraduate students Sophie Duffield and Lauren Atherton who won a department prize earlier this year. It has just been submitted for review to the journal Powder Technology under the title "Stages in spheronisation: evolution of pellet size and shape during spheronisation of microcrystalline cellulose-based paste extrudates".

The Particle Technology Forum was devised in the mid-1990s as an informal national UK conference to bring together researchers, and especially young researchers, active in all aspects of particle technology in the UK. The UK is a world leader in particle technology, in disciplines ranging from physics and chemistry to chemical engineering, and the forum was established to support the momentum in this area and promote networking between different research groups, students and industry. The primary supporters of the forum are the IChemE Particle Technology Subject Group and the RSC Particle Characterisation Interest Group.

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