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Prizes for research students

last modified Jan 28, 2014 09:43 AM
Prizes for research students

Winners Christine Schmaus, Meenal Pore and Mariana Domingos with runners up Julian Jaros and Kyra Sedransk

Whilst working towards their PhDs, research students are asked to give short presentations on their work so far, to prepare a poster and to take questions at a poster session.

Over three days in January and February 2011, thirty one second year students gave presentations. There was a prize for the best work on each day and the three winners were Mariana Domingos, Meenal Pore and Christine Schmaus. The runners up were Alastair Clarke, Wen Liu,  Julian Jaros and Kyra Sedransk.

Mariana Domingos presented her work on Turbulent plumes with heterogeneous chemical reaction on the surface of buoyant bubbles. She said, "In this project we aim to understand how chemical reaction, dissolution and phase change affect the motion of turbulent plumes. This may help mitigate problems caused by plumes, such as the Icelandic volcanic cloud and the Gulf of Mexico oil plume."

Meenal Pore is working on the Investigation of Jet-Jet and Jet-Wall Interactions in Packed Beds Using MRI.

Christine Schmaus spoke on Evaluation of CFD Trickle-Bed Reactor Models with Compressed Sensing MRI.Christine uses Magnetic Resonance Imaging to provide localised experimental data for the evaluation of CFD trickle-bed reactor models and develops novel image reconstruction techniques to enhance resolution.

Alastair Clarke: Rainy-day solutions to the carbon dioxide storage problem. Alastair uses mathematical models to understand how best to minimise the risks associated with carbon dioxide leaking from underground, geological stores.

Wen Lui: Production of pure hydrogen by chemical looping of modified iron oxide

Julian Jaros:  Blood proteome profiling of schizophrenia subtypes. He is using immunoassay, liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry methods to investigate differences in the blood proteome of schizophrenia subtypes with the aim of discovering biomarkers.

Kyra Sedransk: Porous Materials from Block Copolymers. She is working on the development of porous polymers using novel catalytic techniques for membrane applications.