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Prof Howard Chase retires today

last modified Feb 16, 2016 09:42 AM
Prof Howard Chase retires today

Prof Chase explaining the technique of expanded bed adsorption to His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and at that time (1997) Chancellor of the University of Cambridge

Prof Howard Chase retires today, 31 December 2015, after 34 years with the department.

Professor Chase joined the academic staff of the Department of Chemical Engineering as an Assistant Lecturer in 1984, became a Lecturer in 1986 and Reader in Biochemical Engineering in 1996. He was the Head of the Department (HoD) of Chemical Engineering from 1998-2006 and has held the position of Professor of Biochemical Engineering here since 1 October 2000.

Head of Department, Prof John Dennis, said, "Howard, of course, had a very distinguished career as a researcher, particularly in various aspects of chromatography, and his research has had a great and continuing impact on companies involved in producing all types of biological products. Later, he very successfully developed, and exploited, the use of novel microwave technology for recycling aluminium-plastic laminated materials. He was also an excellent and well-organised teacher and continued to supervise throughout his period as HoD.

As Head of Department, Howard brought stability and a clear sense of purpose to the organisation. He stands out as a prudent leader who made decisions after careful consultation. His decisions at that time underpin much of the way the Department is currently run. In particular, he set in train our expansion in student numbers. Later, he led the School of Technology with distinction.

On a personal note, I would like to thank him for offering me a post in the Department in 1999 and, following from his mentoring, starting me on the academic promotions ladder at a time when I would not have considered it. This exemplifies the importance of appraisals!

His good humour, bonhomie and wisdom will be severely missed in CEB! I do hope that he will keep in regular contact with us in the years ahead. We wish him well."

Prof Howard Chase was a Cambridge undergraduate (Natural Sciences Tripos), a research student (Biochemistry) and a Bye-Fellow at Magdalene College. He was then a Research Fellow of St. John's College Cambridge. He was elected to a College Fellowship at his old college Magdalene on his appointment to the staff of the Department of Chemical Engineering in 1984. At Magdalene, he has held the positions of Tutor for Graduate Students 1987-94, Tutor 1994-96 and Senior Tutor 1993-96.

He was Head of The School of Technology from 2010-2013 (four calendar years).

Professor Chase is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and a Fellow of the Institute of Chemical Engineers.  He is also a chartered engineer, a chartered scientist and a chartered chemist.

There will be farewell gatherings to mark his departure in the New Year and we wish him well for the future.