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Research Open Day, 24 June 2009

last modified Jan 06, 2016 04:48 PM
Research Open Day, 24 June 2009

Prof Chris Lowe opened the event

The Department's Research Open Day took place on Wednesday 24th June 2009.

The event was entitled "Research Visions for the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology" and presented a picture of the research being undertaken by young researchers in the department that addresses current needs in healthcare and environmental sustainability.


The first session was on Emerging Biotechnologies and the presenters were Dr. Chiara Boschetti, Pei-Lun Lin and Sandy Kwok
Dr. Chiara Boschetti, Pei-Lun Lin, Sandy Kwok

Vaccines and Drug Delivery: Dr. Rongjun Chen, Dr. Nicholas Darton and Dr. Alexander Edwards
Dr. Rongjun Chen, Dr. Nicholas Darton, Dr. Alexander Edwards

10.45 Tea break 
tea break

tea break

tea break

tea break

Simplified Recovery Of Theraputic Biomolecules: Jing Li, Kevin Kuo, Mark Brower
Jing Li, Kevin Kuo, Mark Brower

Laser Imaging and Sensing: Simon Schlachter and Toni Laurila
Toni Laurila, Simon Schlachter

The final session of the morning was Terahertz Imaging by Dr. Axel Zeitler 
Dr. Axel Zeitler

Nigel Slater closed the morning
Nigel Slater

John Dennis opened the afternoon's talks
John Dennis

Combustion: Shin-Yong Chuang and Ting-Yueh Liu
Shin-Yong Chuang, Ting-Yueh Liu

Catalysis: Dr. James McGregor, Raphael Shirley and Dr. Daniel Holland
Dr. James McGreggor, Raphael Shirley, Dr. Daniel Holland

Energy: Paolo Bombelli and Dr. Sinead Mathews
Dr. Sinead Mathews, Paolo Bombelli

Environment: Sarah Creber, Dr. Neal Morgan and Jeanne Andres
Sarah Creber, Dr. Neal Morgan, Jeanne Andres

Prof Lynn Gladden presented the prize for best poster to Thomas Pintelon
Thomas Pintelon

Thomas Pintelon


Other Posters :
Gentiana Shiko with alumnus Mark Sankey and Kyung Song

Ya-Ying Chen
Ya-Ying Chen

Golnaz Borghei
Ya-Ying Chen

The Welcoming team: Amanda Taylor, Debbie Jacobs, David Cann, Samantha Gooneratne, Lucy Thompson and Elena Gonzalez Claudia Loechel

The organising team: John Dennis, Nigel Slater, Nick Darton, Sina Bonyadi, Thomas Pintelon, Samantha Gooneratne, Golnaz Borghei, Elena Gonzalez and Amanda Taylor with Prof Lynn Gladden 
welcoming team


And finally, Vanessa Blake was congratulated on the new department website which was launched yesterday.
Organising team