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Research project winners

last modified Jan 28, 2014 09:57 AM
Research project winners

Left to right: Christopher Arnott, Anand Ashok, Jessica Brush, Alan McCreanor, Adam Morgan, Olesya Nikiforova, Adam Eales, Yee Yen (Ian) Tang and Wenting Hu

Research projects are a major part of the coursework for Chemical Engineering students in their fourth year at Cambridge, leading to the MEng degree. The students are required to undertake a piece of original research in pairs or singly. In addition to a final report on their work, they are required to give a 6 minute presentation and produce a poster. There were three sessions, on 2nd, 4th and 10th March 2011.

The prize winners on 2 March were Yee Yen (Ian) Tang and Alan McCreanor for their project onDesalination Using Plastic Micro-Capillary Films (MCFs). The runners up were Christopher Arnott and Jessica Brush with Super-resolution imaging of amyloid fibrils.

The prize winners on 4 March were Wenting Hu and Adam Eales, Getting oil off rock: water, oil, solid interactions. The runners up were Wui Leng Heng and Daniel Tay, Benchmarking of Engine Combustion Models.

The prize winners on 10 March were Adam Morgan and Anand Ashok, Multidimensional microscopy for disease diagnostics. The runners up were Olesya Nikiforova and Stanislaw Pstrokonski, Preparation of metal oxides for CO2 capture.

There are more photos on Facebook.